Other Publications

On this page are indicative listed the publications, that I have made in press and conferences, in which there was no judgment in the text, and the interviews that I have given on TV and radio.

Publications in Journals without judgment

Aravossis K. - Georgoulas N., "Computer Integrated Manufacturing". Journal: the Modern Enterprise, Compupress, pp. 38-42, 9/1991. (in Greek)

Aravossis K., "CIM. The technology of the future but also of the present." Press PSDM-H., Pp. 48-50, 11/1991. (in Greek)

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Aravossis K., "Zero Waste Society: Objective or Chimera?" Magazine "Environment 21", pp. 32-33, 07/2011(in Greek)

Articles in the Daily Press – Interviews

Aravossis K., " Recycling as lifestyle." Newspaper "Profit" article, page 12, 4/1994. (in Greek)

Aravossis K., "Recycling is not fashion - it's a way of life." Newspaper "Express", interview in tribute for Environmental Technology, pp. 12 4/1994. (in Greek)

Aravossis K., "Recycling works not only as an idea, incentives are, also, needed." Newspaper "PROFIT", article, page 20, 4/1995. (in Greek)

Aravossis K., "Microwaves and infectious waste." Newspaper "EXPRESS" - Special Edition, Article, 12/1998, pp. 50(in Greek)

Aravossis K., "The successful management of waste and recycling do not just depend on technology but also on proper information and awareness of the world." Newspaper "EXPRESS" – Special edition - tribute to Environmental Technology, Article, 6/1999, pp. 11. (in Greek)

Aravossis K., Rumeli N., "Hazardous Waste - imperative the development of a common strategy of the state, the industry and the citizens." Journal PROFIT, Inset "Environment and Ecology", 11/2000, pp. 11. (in Greek)

Aravossis K., "The new technologies will enable a solution." Newspaper "PROFIT", Environmental Technology, 09.03.2001, p.42. (in Greek)

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Aravossis K., "Recycling in Greece now has opportunity." JOURNAL "PROFIT" .30/1/03, pp. 30(in Greek)

Aravossis K., "The polluter pays". NEWSPAPER "Vima" column ECOLOGY, pp. A42, 09/02/03. (in Greek)

Aravossis K., "Positive although Delayed the Setting of Ministry of Environment." Newspaper "Express", Environmental Technology, 06/2003, pp. 5. (in Greek)

Aravossis K., "Corporate Social Responsibility should be cultivated alongside with environmental performance", newspaper "Express", 31/05/2005. (in Greek)

Aravossis K., "Laggards in Environmental Protection", newspaper "Express", Inset "Environmental Technology, p.4, July 2005 . (in Greek)

Aravossis K., "At 35 bis. Dollars the spendings from industry for the Protection of the Environment", Newspaper "IMERISIA" Inset "Environment", 11/2005. (in Greek)

Aravossis K., "The Stalemate in Waste Management and the Syndrome 'Not in my yard,'" Newspaper "Kathimerini", 01/2006. (in Greek)

Aravossis K., "In infancy, the Division of Environmental Protection," NEWSPAPER "PROFIT" Inset ENVIRONMENT, 04/2006. (in Greek)

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Aravossis K., "Investments of 2 billion. Euros are needed in the next five years for the management of solid waste." Interview given to Anthony Zeugiti, magazine «Water and Waste», pp. 14-15, 09/2009. (in Greek)

Aravossis K., "Borderline Age" Interview given to Thanasis Antoniou magazine "Epilogi" Inset "Sustainable Development - Environmental Policy", pp. 90-93, 11/2009. (in Greek)

Aravossis K., "Toxic Bomb - 600,000 tonnes of hazardous waste." Interview given to Spyros Mouzakiti, "environment" Periodical edition of "APOGEVMATINI" pp. 65-67, 01/2010. (in Greek)

Aravossis K., "To be invested directly ... € 2.5 billion in waste management projects." Interview given to M. Stathakopoulos, magazine «ECOTEC», pp. 44, 04/2010. (in Greek)

Aravossis K., "It is necessary to be implemented in the near future investments of 3 billion in waste management." Interview given to M. Kotoufo, magazine «Water & Waste», pp. 12-13, 10/2010. (in Greek)

Aravossis K., "The state is unable to invest in projects." Interview given to T. Antoniou, journal "Economiki Epitheorisi", pp. 119, 02/2011. (in Greek)

Aravossis K., statements that have been included in the article entitled: "Will the state succeed this time to fulfill its European commitments for illegal dumps?" By S. Christopoulos. "Free Sunday", 04/2011. (in Greek)

Aravossis K., statements that have been included in the article entitled: "Enclaved in the Middle Ages of garbage" by S. Christopoulos. "TA NEA", 04/2011. (in Greek)

Aravossis K., "Environmental" Titanic "the waste management." Interview given to M. Stathakopoulos magazine «ECOTEC», pp. 26-27, 04/2011. (in Greek)

Aravossis K., statements that have been included in the article entitled: "Let's proceed an industry ..." by S. Christopoulos. "Free Sunday", 07/2011. (in Greek)

Aravossis K., statements that have been included in the article entitled: "Fight Against Time for New Units" by S. Christopoulos. "Free Sunday", 10/2011. (in Greek)

Aravossis K., statements that have been included in the article entitled: "Regional Waste Management Plan, First Step After Eight Year of Itch" by S. Christopoulos. "Free Sunday", 01/2012. (in Greek)

Aravossis K., "Great Campaign for" the green consciousness " in Greece", Interview given to Antonis Zeugites, for the magazine «Water and Waste», pp. 18-19, 03/2012. (in Greek)

Aravossis K., "Regional Planning", Interview given to M. Stathacopoulou, for the magazine «ECOTEC», pp. 14-15, 04/2012. (in Greek)

Aravossis K., Statements included in the article entitled: "Garbage at the Greek Coasts" by S. Christopoulos, "Free Sunday", 06/2012. (in Greek)

Aravossis K., Statements included in the article entitled: "We swim next to Rubbish" by S. Christopoulos, "Free Sunday", 08/2012. (in Greek)

Aravossis K., Statements included in the article entitled: "The conditions for the acceleration of projects for waste management", EXPRESS Journal, 04/2013. (in Greek)

Aravossis K., Statements included in the article entitled: "Recycling with differnet speeds and with many obstacles" G. Paleologos, "Kathimerini", 10/2013. (in Greek)

Αραβώσης Κ., Δηλώσεις που συμπεριλήφθηκαν στο άρθρο με τίτλο: "Αφανείς διαδρομές Νοσοκομειακών Αποβλήτων" του Γ. Παλαιολόγου, "Η ΚΑΘΗΜΕΡΙΝΗ", 03/2014.

Αραβώσης Κ., "Καθαρίζουμε τη χώρα, Προστατεύουμε το περιβάλλον - μια μέρα κάθε μέρα", Συνέντευξη που δόθηκε στην Χ. Μπαλτούνα, 04/2014.

Αραβώσης Κ., "Το "New Deal" για τις ΑΠΕ και οι επενδύσεις στην Ελλάδα", "Η ΚΑΘΗΜΕΡΙΝΗ", 06/2014.

Αραβώσης Κ., Δηλώσεις που συμπεριλήφθηκαν στο άρθρο με τίτλο: "Σε ΧΑΔΑ τα σκουπίδια της Τρίπολης" της Τ. Γεωργιοπούλου, "Η ΚΑΘΗΜΕΡΙΝΗ", 02/2015.

Interviews on TV - Radio (indicatively)

Indicatively, there are included details for some of them:

SKAI, 03-04-2012, 16.00 - 16.30, Journalist Andonopoulou, discussion on "Recycling of waste".

Channel of Parliament, January 17, 2012, Standing Committee on Production and Trade of the Parliament Information on the draft law of the Ministry of Environment "Criminal Protection of the environment - Compliance with Directive 2008/99."

SKAI, 11-10-2011, 21:00 News, Interview with Subject: "Management of Toxic Waste."

SBC-CHANNEL10, 04/08/11, interview journalist S. Sachet, Topic: "Economic Crisis, Investments and Development", Duration: 30'.

FLASH 961 RADIO, 01-05-2011, 13.00, Journalist T. Kolydas, Interview on "Waste Management and Environment ', 60'.

SBC-CHANNEL10, 27-04-2011, 16.15, Journalist Mr. Thomakos, discussion on: 'The Economic Crisis and Investments", 20'.

SKAI TV, 26-04-2011, News 21.00 Declaration related to uncontrolled landfills.

NET, 27-02-2011, 9.30, Journalist Mr. Spilopoulos - Mrs. Michelaki, discussion with Deputy Minister of. Interior K. Tzakri, Topic: "Waste Management in Attica," 20'.

SBC-CHANNEL10, 09-02-2011, 16.00, Journalist Mr. Thomakos, Discussion: «Waste Management in GREECE», 20 '

SBC-CHANNEL10, 24-01-2011, 16.45, Journalist Mr. Thomakos, Discussion: Waste Management in Greece, 20 '.

ANT1, 14-12-2010, news broadcast 20.00, statements regarding the fines at landfills.

SBC-CHANNEL10, 07-12-2010, 16.00, Journalist Thomakos, discussion with the President and President of Workers of ESDKNA, Topic: Waste Management in Attica, 30'.

SBC-CHANNEL10, 14-11 - 2010 and 20-11-2010, discussion with the reporter Mr Papandropoulos and Prof. Mr Tatsiopoulos, Topic: Green Entrepreneurship, 45'.

CHANNEL 9, 21-10-2010, 16.00, Journalist Mrs. Spandidaki, discussion on: "Foreign direct investments in Greece and Development, 30'.

Channel of the Parliament, 30-03-2010, Environmental Committee of the Parliament, Information on Waste Management in Greece, 120'.

SBC-CHANNEL10, 24-03-2010, "Entrepreneurship and Opportunities amid recession", Journalist Mrs. Spandidaki, interview within relevant day conference, 10'.

Channel of the Parliament, 27-01-2009, Environmental Committee of the Parliament, Information on Waste Management in Greece, 120'.

Frequent statements on the radio, SKAI and ANT1 in related field.